The Best Marketing Tool A Small Motel Can Have

A Blog

Blog stands for web log but don’t be fooled by the name, it’s more than a log, it is a multi tasking utility tool that is as important to your small motel, hotel, or B&B as are your rooms, your location, your prices, and your web based reservation booking system.

Everybody who has a website must have a blog. It’s the Best Marketing Tool A Small Motel Can Have

If you are a small motel, hotel, or B&B you most certainly have a web site. Good start, but nowhere near the complete answer. If you want to be found through Google or whatever your favorite search engine is, an active blog heavily influences the process. In this new Internet world a blog could produce as much as 60% of the traffic to your web site.

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Add 15% – 35% Directly To Your Bottom Line

One of the most important results a blog will produce is bringing traffic directly to your web site. This is important because if you can get a visitor to your web site you have a great chance of converting them to a guest at your property. This is particularly important if you are using OTA’s to help fill your property. The more traffic you can get to come to and book from your website the better off you are. Every reservation made directly through your web site rather than through an OTA saves you 15%-35% which goes right to your bottom line.

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Blog = SEO

SEO or search engine optimization used to mean placing key words and phrases in as many places as possible on your web site and in your text and meta descriptions. No longer. Google has now gone to a search engine “humanization” approach. Please understand knowing what key words and phrases your potential guests are using is still important but CONTENT is what will bring you increased traffic. Not just content but current, relative content.

When doing blog posts please focus on your property and how it might fit in to the happenings in your area. Just posting upcoming events isn’t going to get it done. Posting about an upcoming fishing tournament, boat race, or festival in your area may get the attention of the folks looking for those events, but will do little or nothing for folks searching for a room.

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Additionally, while posting previously published information may be easy because it is just a mater of cut and paste it is not a good idea. Google is looking for ORIGINAL content. Google knows when posts are cut and paste and will likely overlook it at least in your behalf.

So FOCUS your post about your property’s relevance to the subject event, like a special on-line only booking discount with a promo code. Or your convenient proximity to the event or sponsorship of it. Having links to the event web site and a reciprocal link from them will be a great help as well. Google is looking for activity to and from your site.

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While newsletters have generally fallen out of favor, a blog, if written correctly, can be a better replacement. Keep the content timely and pertinent. Sell the sizzle not the steak. Make the guest excited to want to return. Make it easy for your guest to book a reservation with you by allowing frequent opportunities to connect to your web based booking engine.

Does Disney get people excited about coming to visit because of a rodeo in Kissimmee or fishing tournament in Winter Haven? No, they are continuously selling potential visitors on Disney attractions, events, the comfort and convenience of staying at a Disney resort and they are relentlassly directing the visitor to their booking engine or customer service phone number.

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Share The Excitement, Achieve More SEO

A Blog Is probably your best marketing tool—don’t keep it a secret. In addition to posting your blog to your web site, be sure to post your blog to all of your social media business pages as well. Social media interaction is another key element in Google’s SEO criteria. Get your social media circles and contacts to “Like” your post, Google will “Love” that!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that one blog post will achieve dramatic, immediate results in your web site traffic. It will probably take several months to get noticed, but it will happen.

Another point that is as important as current and relevant content is doing blog posts on a consistent schedule, at least once a week. A blog should be no less that 300 words and 500 would be better. But I think you will find that once you get started you will have trouble limiting your thoughts to so few words. Don’t worry about the length of your blog, if you are saying something your reader wants to hear they will read it and want more.

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On Duty 24/7

A blog post is ever green and like your web based booking engine, on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Make your blog your property’s ambassador. Dress it up and have fun with it. Your blog and your IBE will be your very best friends over the long run.

If anybody wants me, I’ll be at Disney—writing my next blog post. :)

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The Best Marketing Tool A Small Motel Can Have

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(OTA’s will be discussed in my next blog)

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