More Value Added to EZ BOOK!


EZ BOOK! web based reservation booking suite

has been selected as a Premier Launch Partner by TripAdvisor.


Beginning late this year TripAdvisor is launching a new program that will allow properties using the Accommodations Solutions, Inc. EZ BOOK! booking system to take advantage of direct booking from their Trip Advisor business listing.


Research confirms: Reviews impact your bottom line

1. Guests are visiting TripAdvisor more frequently prior to booking


2. Properties with stronger reputations across all channels perform better overall


3. Higher review scores allow hotels to charge more while maintaining occupancy rates.


Source: “The Impact of Social Media on Lodging Performance.” Chris K. Anderson, Center for Hospitality Research. Cornell University. 12/2012.

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Larry Bierman

CEO Accommodations Solutions Inc at EZ Book!
Larry Bierman has spent many years in the hospitality industry and understands the needs of motel and hotel owners. Accommodations Solutions, Inc's EZ Book! Suite, a motel reservation booking system, was designed by Larry especially for the mom and pop motel owners. Visit Larry on Google+ and LinkedIn.