Seriously, there is NO good reason to not have a web based reservation booking system…including these:

~ We’re Too Small To Need A Booking System…

“Small” has no relevance on the Internet…

If you think your property is too small to get noticed on the Internet you may be surprised to know that your web page can have just as much impact as Hilton, Holiday Inn, Marriott, or any of the big dogs. If you are not trying to compete you won’t be able to compete, not even with your small next door neighbor.

Most of the properties using EZ BOOK! are less that 24 units. If you don’t have a reservation booking system you are missing reservations. To take that one step further your motel, hotel, or B&B could increase bookings by as much as 20% with the EZ BOOK! web based reservation booking system. It’s a matter of survival.

Contact us NOW for special no cash out of pocket offer.

~ We Can’t Afford It…

Can you afford to miss a reservation?

Can you afford a double booking?

Can you afford FREE?

EZ BOOK! can also help you recover merchant fees being charged to you by your credit card processor. EZ BOOK! eliminates the possibility of double bookings. EZ BOOK! could be FREE!  Find out how…

Contact us NOW for special no cash out of pocket offer.

~  Most Of Our Business Is Repeat…

Most every property’s is and that’s as it should be if you have satisfied guests. But even your repeat guests would like to be able to book at their convenience.

Whinefest - There Is No Good Reason To Not Have A Web Based Reservation Booking System...

~  We Don’t Want To Lose The Personal Touch…

There is no reason to give up your personal touch.

Being able to book on line is personal to the guest. There are lots of other ways to make your guest feel special and effectively market your property.

Guests whom want to call you can and will still call you.

Contact us NOW for special no cash out of pocket offer.

~  We Want To Control The Kind of Guest That We Get…

You will not lose control. 

In fact, you will have better control. EZ BOOK! provides for guest flags and can display a guest photo with the reservation. EZ BOOK! can provide a follow up campaign for every reservation.

~ Our guests Won’t Use It…

Both your repeat and new will use it and they will thank you for it.

All of your guests will appreciate the ability for them to book when it’s convenient for them. It might be at 3:00 a.m.

Contact us NOW for special no cash out of pocket offer.

~  Our Guests Won’t Pay A Booking Fee…

Anyone who uses the Internet understands transaction fees. Your room price should be net to you. Booking fees, cleaning fees, pet fees, additional guest fees, and taxes are understood to be additional costs of the transaction. And as mentioned above, the booking fee could help off set your credit card transaction fees.

~  We Don’t Want Our Competition To See Our Booking Calendars…

All your competition has to do to see how your doing is drive by your property and look at your parking lot.  Your parking lot will consistently have fewer cars than it could if you had EZ BOOK!

Contact us NOW for special no cash out of pocket offer.

Made in the USA

EZ BOOK! – Made in the USA –

~  We’re Doing Okay Without A System…

If just “doing okay” is in your business plan then mission accomplished.

If you want to do better than “okay,” if you want to do great, incredible, or fantastic you need EZ BOOK! It’s a matter of survival. [link to survival post]

~  We’re Concerned About Internet Security…

So is EZ BOOK!   EZ BOOK! has at least a double layer of security that protects you and your guest’s personal information.

Contact us NOW for special no cash out of pocket offer.

~  We Do A Lot Of Business with the OTAs…

Even more reason for EZ BOOK!   EZ BOOK! will decrease the chances of a double booking, help keep your administrative and financial reports accurate and most important EZ BOOK! can help you convert those OTA bookings to direct bookings.

To see how you can regain control of your business and get away from the OTAs click here. [link to OTA post 

Contact us NOW for special no cash out of pocket offer.

Visit the EZ BOOK! website click here.

There Is No Good Reason To Not Have A Web Based Reservation Booking System…

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Larry Bierman

CEO Accommodations Solutions Inc at EZ Book!
Larry Bierman has spent many years in the hospitality industry and understands the needs of motel and hotel owners. Accommodations Solutions, Inc's EZ Book! Suite, a motel reservation booking system, was designed by Larry especially for the mom and pop motel owners. Visit Larry on Google+ and LinkedIn.