Display Up to 7 Photographs For Each Unit

One of the newest features added to EZ BOOK! is the ability for the client to display up to 7 photographs per unit. The main photo is posted in the booking tri-panel and when a availability date range is selected all units available for that date range will display in the center panel of the tri-panel. Beneath each primary photo six additional thumbnail images display. If one of the thumbnails is selected a slide show will display all photos for that unit. This motel reservation booking software photos feature really adds to the visitor experience.

The EZ BOOK! suite is totally managed by the client so these photos can be changed at at any time.

Motel Reservation Booking Software Photos Feature…

Motel Reservation Booking Software Photos Feature | EZBookSuite.com

This is a feature that adds important functionality to the EZ BOOK! suite and a valuable tool in the booking process.

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Larry Bierman

CEO Accommodations Solutions Inc at EZ Book!
Larry Bierman has spent many years in the hospitality industry and understands the needs of motel and hotel owners. Accommodations Solutions, Inc's EZ Book! Suite, a motel reservation booking system, was designed by Larry especially for the mom and pop motel owners. Visit Larry on Google+ and LinkedIn.